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Israel Birch, Shane Cotton and Robert Jahnke

Whakawhiti Aria: Transmission

2 August - 7 September 2014

About the exhibition

New works from three of New Zealand’s leading contemporary Maori artists - Israel Birch, Shane Cotton and Robert Jahnke. Exploring the transfer of ideas, energy, information and inspiration between these artists, this exhibition shows the artworks created by these synergies alongside existing works.

The premise of Whakawhtiti Aria: Transmission, hinges upon the idea of ‘transmission’ or ‘whakawhiti’ - the state of something being transmitted or exchanged from one person or thing to another be it energy, ideas, information or inspiration. In addition, the word ‘aria' meaning ‘resemblance’, suggests a visual exchange. Informed by these concepts, each of the artists in the show presents new works that directly reference each other’s practices alongside existing works that feature a characteristic style. The works stimulate an engaging dialogue concerning the nature of contemporary Maori art as a dynamic process of regeneration, re-interpretation and transmission within and across generations.

Developed and toured by, with generous support of Creative New Zealand.

2 August - 7 September 2014

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