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Thinking / Unfolding

27 March - 2 May 2021

About the exhibition

This touring exhibition from the Print Council of Aotearoa New Zealand (PCANZ) sees printmakers from throughout Aotearoa New Zealand expand and explore the idea of the artist book by taking the concept of a book further, creating art objects inspired by the form and/or function of a book. This idea has been approached using a range of techniques and materials which extend beyond the realm of traditional printmaking.

The idea of a book as an art object evolved in the mid-20th Century when artists began experimenting with the book format as a means to express their ideas.

Image: Toni Mosley, Traverse in the Flinders, 2018. Screenprint, handpainted, copper binding. 500 x 160 x 15mm (open).

27 March - 2 May 2021

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