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The Silver Page, NZ Picture Book Icons

5 February - 13 March 2011

About the exhibition

The Silver Page - NZ Picture Book Icons is a very special exhibition that will feature the original art work of five multi-award winning senior New Zealand illustrators from a selection of their famous books. This exhibition will support the New Page artists and will be the first time some of these classic book illustrations have ever been exhibited.

A great deal of planning from the exhibition organisers, and good will from illustrators (and book collectors) who are lending their precious pictures, is making this exciting exhibition a reality. Illustrators/books that will be featured are: Pamela Allen, Who Sank the Boat?, Dick Frizzell, The Magpies, Trevor Pye, Grandma McGarvey, Lynley Dodd, Hairy Maclary and Gavin Bishop, Mrs McGinty and the Bizarre Plant.

5 February - 13 March 2011

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