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Bridget Bidwill, Bronwynne Cornish, Tony Lane, and Denys Watkins

The Long Way Around

23 March - 5 May 2019

About the exhibition

The Long Way Around is a group exhibition featuring work by ceramic sculptor, Bronwynne Cornish, and painters; Bridget Bidwill, Tony Lane, and Denys Watkins. These senior New Zealand artists and close friends have had extensive art careers and enjoy a mutual appreciation of each other’s work.

Through varying degrees of abstraction, they encourage the viewer to develop their own interpretation. The title of the exhibition refers to the fluctuating process of making art that it is often an expansion of previous work. The Long Way Around recognises that sometimes we must go back to move forward. These artists reflect on, revisit, revise and rework ideas that can seem fresh and new, years after they are first explored.

23 March - 5 May 2019

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