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Marian Maguire

The Labours of Herakles

15 November - 14 December 2008

About the exhibition

Having arrived via the Endeavour during Maguire's popular series, The Odyssey of Captain Cook, shown at the Gallery in 2006, the ancient Greeks in The Labours of Herakles resolve to settle the New Land.

In this recently completed series of twelve lithographs and eight etchings, the archetypal, lion-skin clad hero is cast as New Zealand colonist. His objective is to claim and tame the land. But the process is unsettling.

Marian is one of New Zealand’s most accomplished print-makers and a leading expert in lithography. She owns and runs the highly acclaimed PaperGraphica studio and gallery in Christchurch and works with some of New Zealand’s most senior artists as well as being a significant artist herself.

Since 1997 her work has been largely related to Greek vase painting and work mythical narratives into a New Zealand environment. Her work is held in major public and private collections.

15 November - 14 December 2008

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