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Janet Perrior

Outside The Box

24 March - 29 April 2012

About the exhibition

UK born and trained artist, Janet Perrior’s works are elegant abstractions that belie their simple recycled ingredients. Janet’s work takes discarded base materials, like cardboard boxes, and reveals their innards. What has started as informative and representational has been folded, upturned or sliced open, translating the subtleties of materials into abstract compositions.

“I love working with recycled materials that had another life, and then you change it completely to something else. Thinking outside the box has become a catchphrase or cliché widely used in business environments to look further and try not to think of obvious uses or answers for things, but to try to think beyond them. However clichés have their basis in truth. The work in this exhibition endeavours to look beyond cardboard’s practical, everyday use as packaging to see the beauty in its structure inside and outside, surface and internal construction, and give it a new life outside of the box.” Janet Perrior lives and works in Nelson

24 March - 29 April 2012

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