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Mary Macpherson

Old New World

23 March - 28 April 2013

About the exhibition

New Zealand society, seen in small towns throughout the North and South Islands, is the subject of Wellington-based photographer, Mary Macpherson’s Old New World photographic book and touring exhibition, developed by Lopdell House Gallery in Auckland.

This in-depth study by Wellington-based photographer Mary Macpherson, took seven years of travel around New Zealand to create. The exhibition reveals over 40 images of Macpherson’s work. The striking colour photographs feature buildings, houses, statues and murals to tell the story of a shift from the remains of the traditional New Zealand of the 1950s and 60s to places of boom and prosperity that look very different to our remembered past.

“Within that major story arc, I wanted to show the major social and economic trends I saw over the seven years – towns painting up the main street to attract custom and celebrate their identity, places that remained resolutely themselves and those that were heading into decline.” – Mary Macpherson.

Alexandra, Central Otago, 2008. From Old New World.

23 March - 28 April 2013

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