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MUKA Youth Prints

21 September 2009

About the exhibition

The idea

The best way to make young people acquainted with contemporary art is to get real works of art in their hands. Muka youth prints is a national touring exhibition that offers this opportunity.

The rules
A number of well known artists from all over the world are invited to produce a set of small (100x200mm) original lithographs.

The works reflect the normal style and concerns of the artists, there is no "talking down" to children.

The lithographs are available to be purchased exclusively by young people aged 5 - 18.
Visitors to the show can buy a maximum of three lithographs and only for themselves, not for adults.

All works are sold at a uniform low price of $60
names and signatures of the artists are covered over during the shows, muka wants young art collectors to look at the work, not considering the fame of the artist or potential for financial gain

21 September 2009

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