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Fran Maguire


5 September - 4 October 2009

About the exhibition

Fran Maguire is a Marlborough-based ceramic artist who has reached a level of excellence in her domestic ware and is currently creating stunning light-chambered sculptures that reflect her journey as an artist.

Morphing is an exhibition of Fran's innovative new work.

"In February this year I exhibited a body of work called ‘Seeds Sex & Menopause' which acknowledged the fertile stage of life. Shortly after I was invited to be a part of a joint show at CoCA, Christchurch, and the work which I made was about morphing. I've been thinking about and exploring the idea that we shape ourselves by our experiences. Phrases like... bent out of shape.... bitter and twisted... falling apart... flat... are in common usage. We depend on experiences as a vehicle to enable change and we can choose constantly how to reshape ourselves with current and "historic" events - the constant organic movement of us. I am interested in these ideas on an individual basis, collectively in communities, and globally. What we are individually as human beings is also reflected in the human race."
Fran Maguire, September 2009

5 September - 4 October 2009

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