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Aotearoa Felters


28 August - 3 October 2010

About the exhibition

The Aotearoa Felters or Feltsisters hail from the islands of Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand [their chosen common ground] and held their first collective exhibition at the Millennium Public Art Gallery 2008. Window on White explored the subtleties and complexities of white felted surfaces. Two years on, their next collaboration titled Earthwaulks, sees them wandering into the wild and working with dyes sourced largely from the plant world to colour hand formed natural fibre felts.

The designation Earthwaulks is derived from the process of ‘waulking' or ‘fulling' partially felted cloth by wetting and rolling it; in combination with the sisters' affinity with the earth of Aotearoa. It is a celebration of wool, the miraculous renewable fibre resource that can be twisted, tangled and matted to form a resilient yet pliable structure which can be formed flat or in three dimensions, cut, and stitched; and dyed with colours from the earth.

28 August - 3 October 2010

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