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Don Binney

Don Binney - Flight Path

30 September - 26 November 2023

About the exhibition

Featuring paintings, prints, drawings and photographs, Don Binney - Flight Path is a celebration of the life of one of Aotearoa's most singular artists. Don Binney (1940-2013) is best known for his stylised, modernist depictions of native birds. Some of these are among the nation's most iconic and widely loved works of art. As well as featuring a number of these classic images, the exhibition honours Binney's connection with Marlborough, with works from the gallery’s collection as well as works inspired by the region. The exhibition coincides with the the publication of the major monograph, Don Binney-Flight Path and has been curated for the gallery by the author of that book, Gregory O'Brien.

30 September - 26 November 2023

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