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Jim Tannock

Bogan Honesty

13 November - 12 December 2010

About the exhibition

"I've been in love with photography since my early 20s when I moved to Nelson from Wellington after a brief and uneventful flirtation with office culture. I studied photography for two years at NMIT and properly met my great uncle Peter Greenfield who was my photographic enabler at the time. Since then I've worked as a photo journalist and now a commercial photographer in Marlborough.

It's never been an option that I might do something else. The contemplative power of the shutter opening and closing, and the dynamic of light through glass is what makes my heart lamp burn bright.

My show, Bogan Honesty, is a result of wanting to break away from the safety net of the landscape photography I have presented in the past. Life isn't just about light falling across the face of earth, well it is; but it isn't in this case. What has driven me is the end of something, and the start of nothing new, just different." Jim Tannock, 2010

Parental Guidance Advised

13 November - 12 December 2010

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