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The ND5 Group

At the Edge of the Light

22 March - 4 May 2014

About the exhibition

The ND5 group are Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway, Christian Fletcher, Dr Les Walkling and Michael Fletcher. Michael is the videographer in the team, and his audio visual plays with the exhibition. All are Grand Masters of Photography and have won numerous national and international awards. The New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers awarded Tony Hewitt ‘International Photographer of the Year’ in 2013.

Tony Hewitt and Peter Eastway are the principal speakers at the Photographic Society of New Zealand’s Annual Convention being held in Blenheim 23 – 27 April 2014. This Convention hosted by the Marlborough Camera Club, will be attended by over 250 people from camera clubs throughout New Zealand.

ND5 is about what can happen when a group forms from diverse but supportive individuals who are secure enough in their own practice to experiment with it. Throughout 2010 the ND5 photographers visited the Pilbara, a remote part of Australia and created a body of imagery that depicts and interprets the relationships between the land, industry and cultures. Following The Pilbara Project, the ND5 photographers collaborated to produce a body of imagery that focuses on key areas in South West Australia. Working with high resolution digital cameras and exotic glass lenses, the photographers explored the area over five trips, including extensive aerial coverage with a light plane. From the amazing karri tree forests to the incredibly varied coastline, from farming and agriculture to quaint cottages and forgotten railways.

The photographers have chosen to print their work using Epson Stylus Pro printers, Epson HDR pigment ink, and Canson Infinity archival paper. At the Edge of the Light comprises 20 large outstanding images of little known Australian landscapes.

22 March - 4 May 2014

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