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Nigel Buxton

Appropriation and Interference

19 March - 25 April 2010

About the exhibition

The artist's drawn copy of a portrait by Picasso, paintings by Henri Matisse and ladies lifted from Antoine Watteau pictures are some of the elements that play a part in these recent works by Nigel Buxton. A thirty-year-old drawing by the artist of a cottage interior on a farm in the Mackenzie country, plus some ubiquitous rural architecture; are also elements used to create this picture show of large, dynamic compositions. Patient models, photographed and located into these environments, people stage sets with their life-size presences. Silk and satin gowns supply visual splendour, and sunsets, moments of beauty passing all too briefly.

The artist has appropriated all these and, by interfering with them using a range of techniques, presents a visual entertainment.

19 March - 25 April 2010

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