Diaspora - Six contemporary N Z Artists / 1 August - 30 August 2009

Pluralism and singularity in six new zealand artists     

  • Gretchen Albrecht    
  • Tony Lane    
  • Richard Lewer    
  • Denis O'Connor    
  • Fiona Pardington    
  • James Ross
Essay by Peter Simpson, Toured by Bill Milbank, WHM Consulting Ltd  

Diaspora comprises works from six contemporary New Zealand artists, several of who now share their time between Europe and New Zealand: Gretchen Albrecht, Tony Lane, Richard Lewer, Denis O'Connor, Fiona Pardington, James Ross. 

Although these artist share a common deep-rooted New Zealand heritage, their work embraces European and international influences. 

As artists, they are grounded in New Zealand but not confined to it. As senior artists, they have either regarded overseas travel to Europe and North America as a necessary rite of passage, or have taken advantage of overseas residencies to expand their opportunities and build successful careers.