The Marlborough Express - A Journey through Time: / 24 March – 1 May 2016

Celebrate 150 years of Marlborough’s only daily newspaper in a touching showcase of photographs and stories from 1866 to 2016.

Since its first edition on April 21, 1866, the Express has remained the leading source of news in Marlborough and is a familiar sight in homes across the region. Committed to keeping readers informed, it has brought you stories of tragedy, stories of hope, stories of joy, stories that inform you and stories that have enraged.

A Journey through Time features more than 80 images that document the history of the Express, from its beginnings as a settler newspaper, through to the heyday of print in the 60s and 70s and into the digital age. Today, The Marlborough Express reaches more people than ever before – telling your stories not only in our community, but throughout New Zealand and the world.