Jim Tannock, Omaka Wow Wow (The Battle of Cook Strait) / 23 March - 4 May 2013

23 March - 04 May 2013
Omaka Wow Wow (The Battle of Cook Strait)
A collection of new work by Jim Tannock 

To give this work a genre I would suggest pop surrealism with a healthy dose of revisionist history. I made plastic models as a boy and have always had an aviation bent, with my Dad working for Air New Zealand including Safe Air most of his career. I'm also interested in my willingness to colour the "good old days" with the belief that we lived in a better time than the present and the genre of "Nose Art" where ground crew and pilots painted pinups and slogans on the side of their aircraft as good luck charms and reminders of home.  

By building and combining plastic model airplanes, aerial landscapes and healthy ladies I've suggested the Germans came further south and tried to invade the South Island in a similar manner to the Battle of Britain. The "No 8's", a small group of local pilots backed by the community, repulsed these attacks with a mixture of kiwi ingenuity and bravery. The work has been created in a manner of the romantic but decisive moments similar to that found at the RSA or on top of an Airfix plane box. Lastly it's supposed to be slightly absurd. If people came to the show and just had a quiet giggle, that would probably make me the most happy.

Jim Tannock, March 2013  Jim Tannock has been committed to photography since his twenties. He studied for two years at NMIT and at that time properly met his great uncle, Peter Greenfield, who was his photographic enabler at the time. He is a successful commercial photographer in Marlborough as well as a highly respected fine art photographer. His first solo exhibition at the Gallery, Bogan Honesty, was held in November 2010 and his work is held in several significant collections.